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Strategic Management Accounting: Definition and Techniques

Definition of Strategic Management Accounting: Innes defines strategic management accounting as the provision of information to support the strategic decisions in the organisations. Strategic decisions usually involve the longer term, have a significant effect on the organisation and, although they may have an internal element, they also have an external element.

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Strategic Management Accounting Definition: An Introduction

Definitions. According to CIMA, strategic management accounting is defined as “a form of management accounting where emphasis is placed on information which relates to factors external to the entity, as well as non-financial information and internally generated information.” We realize by the definition that external factors are a key component

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A: Quick Answer. According to a Houston Chronicle article by Grant Houston, strategic management accounting is a form of business inquiry that combines the accounting criteria of an organization with external factors that influence the organization, such as industry trends in …

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Strategic management accounting is a type of accounting that focuses not only on internal factors of a company, but factors that are external. This includes industry-wide financials, averages and upcoming trends. Strategic management accounting makes and implements strategies to increase a …

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Management accounting in support of the strategic management process. The term ‘strategic management accounting’ was introduced in 1981 and was defined as ‘the provision and analysis of management accounting data about a business and its competitors, for use in developing and monitoring business strategy’. Since then several attempts have been

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Examples of Strategic Management Accounting. Strategic management accounting (SMA) is the merging of strategic business objectives with management accounting information to provide a forward looking model that assists management in making business decisions. Unlike management accounting — which focuses on internal accounting metrics — SMA strategy


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The term strategic management accounting (SMA) was introduced by Simmonds (1981, p.26) and defined by him as ‘the provision and analysis of management accounting data about a business and its competitors, for use in developing and monitoring business strategy’.

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Management accounting is an internal accounting function used to allocate business costs to goods or services and prepare reports for internal management business decisions. The management accounting function has slowly been transforming into a critical strategic management function.

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Strategic Management Accounting. The repositioning of the firm brought in a management accountant as the management accounting system was inadequate with no-one trained accounting personnel. The accountant converted the management accounting system from manual to computerized, otherwise made few changes.