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Our Casuarina Tree by Toru Dutt. .LIKE a huge Python winding round and round The rugged trunk indented deep with scars Up to its very summit near the stars A creeper climbs in whose . Page


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Our Casuarina Tree is a poem by Toru Dutt which is about the Casuarina tree that grew in the poetess’ courtyard and her memories associated with it. Summary The poetess writes this in reminiscence of the Casuarina tree that grew in the courtyard of her childhood home.

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Our Casuarina Tree is a poem written by poetess Toru Dutt.This poem has personal association with the poetess’ life. Poet had a unforgettable young life associated with a big Casuarina Tree situated in a big garden house at Rambagan, where she spend her childhood with her dearest ones.

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“Our Casuarina Tree” Toru Dutt: the poetess, while living abroad, is pining for the scenes of her native land and reliving the memories of her childhood. In the first part of the poem the poetess depicts the casuarina tree trailed by a creeper vine like a huge python, winding round and round with the rough trunk, sunken deep with scars.

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Our Casuarina-tree Dutt, Toru (1856 – 1877) Original Text: Dutt, Toru, “Ballads of Hindostan — Miscellaneous Poems,” intro. Edmund W. Gosse, in Hindu Literature Comprising The Book of Good Counsels, Nala and Damayanti, Sakoontala, The Ramayana, and Poems of The casuarina tree takes its name from Latin “casuarius cassowary,

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“Our Casuarina Tree,” a poem written in English by the Indian writer Toru Dutt, celebrates a huge tree that the speaker (resembling Dutt herself) associates with the happiness of her childhood

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Our Casuarina Tree is a touching recollection in a pleasant lyric of an object of Nature. The poetess is very much intimate to the poetess. Stanza 1. The poetess sketches, with a fond attachment, the features of her dear casuarinas tree of her garden-home, so majestic and grand.