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North Korea National Anthem Lyrics. North Korea Latin Transliteration A ch’im un pinnara, i kangsan ungum e, Chawon do kaduk han samch’olli, Arumdaun nae choguk, Panmannyon oraen ryoksa E ch’allan han munhwa ro charanan Sulgiroun inmin ui i yonggwang. Mom gwa mam ta pach’yo,

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Lyrics: Pak Se-yong, 1946

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“Aegukka” (Korean: 애국가, English: The Patriotic Song) is the National Anthem of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). Lyrics of the North Korean National Anthem are penned by Pak Seyŏng and the Anthem is Composed by Kim Wŏn’gyun. The North Korean National Anthem was Adopted in the year 1947.

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A year before the establishment of North Korea in 1948, the government of the then Soviet-controlled sector of Korea adopted a new anthem (the one in use at that time was the anthem of South Korea with its former melody of the Scottish tune “Auld Lang Syne”). Unlike most North Korean patriotic songs, the anthem does not mention either the ruling party or the founder of the nation.

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Jun 25, 2018 · WASHINGTON — The North Korean national anthem got plenty of fanfare at the Virginia Women for Trump’s birthday party for the president on Sunday. Corey …

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The National anthem of North Korea is “Aegukka” which means in English “Patriotic Song”. North Korea’s anthem lyrics were written by PAK Se Yong and the music was written by KIM Won Gyun. Adopted 1947; Both North Korea And South Korea’s Anthems Share The Same Name And Have A Vaguely Similar Melody But Have Different Lyrics; The North Korean