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Nicotine is a Cholinergic Nicotinic Agonist. The chemical classification of nicotine is Nicotine. Nicotine is a plant alkaloid, found in the tobacco plant, and addictive central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that causes either ganglionic stimulation in low doses or ganglionic blockage in high doses.

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Nicotine. Nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic stimulant and an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants. Nicotine acts as an agonist at most nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), except at two nicotinic receptor subunits ( nAChRα9 and nAChRα10) where it acts as a receptor antagonist.

Metabolism: Primarily hepatic: CYP2A6, CYP2B6, FMO3, others

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I can’t find it anywhere for nicotine. The reason I am wondering is this: I’m reading a review paper that lists the physical properties of several neonicotinoids (insecticides) and includes nicotine as a reference point. Water solubility is given in g/L for each chemical. However, nicotine’s solubility is listed as ∞. I have trouble accepting this.

Top responsesRedditHave you considered that nicotine and water are miscible? That’s my first thought when the solubility of something is listed as infinite, though why they wouldn’t … read more4 votesIt depends, are you talking about the salt? Sigma lists solubilities. If it’s not a salt, it’s immiscible in water but will go into ethanol.1 voteSee all

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Physical. It is also soluble in water in its base form. Impure nicotine has a brownish color, due to tar and other organic substances dissolved. Nicotine’s flash point is 95 °C and auto-ignition temperature is 244 °C. Nicotine melts at -79 °C and boils at 247 °C. It has a density of 1.01 g/cm 3.

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid

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Product N3876, (-)-Nicotine, is soluble in ethanol.It is only miscible in water.We would recommend to solublized the product in ethanol to make a 1000x stock solution.This can then be diluted 1:1000 into aqueous buffer for use.


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The band at 261 nm for nicotine itself, solvated in water (0.02% solution) has vibrational structure (Dm = 850 ‰ 50 cm)1). The vapour and cyclohexane c.d. spectra of nicotine itself at ca. 273 nm also show vibrational structure (poorly resolved but of a similar progression).

Solubility of nicotinic acid in water, ethanol, acetone

The mole fraction equilibrium solubility of nicotinic acid in six solvents (water, ethanol, dimethyl sulfoxide, acetone, acetonitrile and diethyl ether) differing in polarity, polarizability, and hydrogen-bonding ability, was determined over the temperature range (283 to 333) K, using the gravimetric method.

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Solubility of nicotinic acid in water, ethanol, acetone, diethyl ether, acetonitrile, and dimethyl sulfoxide. An analysis based on various solvent descriptors, indicated that this trend seems to be mainly determined by the polarity and polarizability of the solvent. The activity coefficients of nicotinic …

Published in: The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics · 2012Authors: Elsa M Goncalves · Elsa M Goncalves · Manuel E Minas Da PiedadeAffiliation: Instituto Politecnico Nacional · University of LisbonAbout: Activity coefficient · Solubility · Calorimetry · Niacin

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Water is considered a solvent rather than a solute, so its own solubility is not an issue.

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Like nicotine, the neonicotinoids act on certain kinds of receptors in the nerve synapse. They are much more toxic to invertebrates, like insects, than they are to mammals, birds and other higher organisms. One thing that has made neonicotinoid insecticides popular in pest control is their water solubility,