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10 of the Most Mysterious Places on Earth

The McMurdo Dry Valleys could be the most secret place on Earth. This little-known area is one of the most extreme deserts and perhaps the driest place in the world – receiving just 4 inches of precipitation each year – but strangely it’s located slap bang in the middle of the usual ice and snow of Antarctica.

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Top 10 Most Mysterious Places On Earth. The nuclear center was reportedly shut down in 1994 in accordance to an agreement between North Korea and the United States, but the 2002 dissolution of the said agreement paved the way for its operations to resume. To this day, however, to set foot in such a mysterious place would be like pulling off a major coup.

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Door To Hell, Turkmenistan. Sometimes it’s better just to leave the world in it’s natural state as a …

20 Most Alien, Bizarre, Weird & Mysterious Places On Earth

Mount Roraima, Brazil. Yes, Mount Roraima, unlike its appearance, is actually a mountain. Instead …

What are the Most Mysterious Places on Earth?

The Island of Atlantis. Mentioned as having a possible role in the mystery that surrounds the Bermuda Triangle, the Island of Atlantis is another of the most mysterious places on Earth. Landmasses simply do not disappear, this is impossible to comprehend and yet that is what is believed to have happened to the Island of Atlantis.

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Area 51. Among the several strange stops on our tour is Area 51. But is it actually strange at all? …

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The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean. Tales of lost mariners and disappeared ships, crashed …

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Aurora sounds are a divisive topic, with some scientists claiming the hissing and clap noises can be explained by electrical currents hitting objects on the surface of the Earth like pine trees.

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Antarctica. Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth surface. It is the driest, coldest, windiest …