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Mossberg Youth 500®/505™/510 Mini™ | O.F. Mossberg & Sons

Youth 500®/505™/510 Mini™ to its innovative super bantam stock spacer adjustment system designed to grow with the shooter, mossberg is one of the industry’s strongest advocates for promoting safe, enjoyable youth recreational shooting. (12 and 20 gauge only)

Mossberg 510 Mini Super Bantam 20 Gauge Pump-Action

The Mossberg 510 Mini Super Bantam 20 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun comes with a vent rib barrel with dual beads, and 3 Accu-Set screw-in choke tubes (F, M, IC). A recoil pad aids in comfort and sling swivel studs provide attachment points for a sling.


Mossberg 510 Pump 20 Gauge 3″ 3+1 Capacity 18.5″ Barrel

Instead, our engineers made everything smaller and created what is arguably the world’s smallest fully-functional pump-action shotgun. Available in either 20 gauge or .410 bore, the Mini features an 18 1/2 “ vent-rib barrel with dual-bead sights.


Mossberg 510 Mini All-Purpose, Pump Action, 20 Gauge, 18.5

Mossberg® 510 Mini TM All-purpose Pump Action 20-gauge Shotgun. Since 1919, Mossberg has been the leader in introducing high-quality shotguns at an affordable price. And this Mossberg 510 Mini All-purpose Pump Action Shotgun is no exception.


Mossberg® 510 Mini Super Bantam All Purpose Pump-Action

The 20-gauge has a 3″ chamber and the .410 has a 2-1/2″ chamber. Both have 18-1/2″ vent-rib barrels. Inside, a combination of dual extractors, twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator work to ensure smooth and reliable cycling. Mossberg® 510 Mini Super Bantam All Purpose Pump-Action Shotguns; Gauge Barrel


Ok, so I was going to get my son a Mossberg 510 20 gauge

Ok, so I was going to get my son a Mossberg 510 20 gauge as his first shotgun but everywhere I read said its recoil was horrible. I am now looking at a Remington 870 express compact youth 20 gauge.

Why go with a pump? If you can’t hit it in two shots, you are wasting time and money. Go with an older (used) double 20 or double 16. I recommend a Fox/Stevens 444B or a 1930’s LC Smith field grade.
I shot the Stevens when I was 13 with zero recoil issues. The 28″ barrels are great for quail,rabbit and trap.
AJ, I agree. Three of my favorite rifles are older Remington’s. The newest one is a 1988 and the oldest is a 1949. But I have not seen a Remington rifle lately that I would tote home from the store.No kidding WAM it has gotten were you have to drop a 1000 bucks for a descent new gun these days. I would not buy a Remington anything, not this year anyway.Last year we bought a 20 gauge 870 Express Youth Model for my wife. At the range it was brutal on her shooting slugs and full powered buckshot. Now she doesn’t want to touch it. I’m probably going to trade it for a semi-auto.its the anvil and the hammer both are awesome let him hold them and pick cant go wrong either wayI can’t argue the recent production 870 issues since I don’t own a newer one. My newest one is an Express Super Magnum that I bought in 1998, the first year of production. I have two older ones also and have never had to repair either one and all have seen lots of use. Heck, all new guns under $800 are semi-disposable these daysAgree with Dcast. The Remington 870 is riding on a great reputation but the Remington’s made in the last 10ish years suck to simply put it. I have a Remington 870 12 ga that is less than 10 yrs old and though it functions fine the finish is terrible on the action. It doesn’t matter what I use to clean it or how I frequently I wipe it down. I use RemOil wipes after every hunt to make sure to get any debris off the gun and get rid of any moisture and by the next morning surface rust spots will appear all over the action. However the barrels don’t have this issue (I was told it is because the barrels are actually made by Mossberg). If you google Remington 870 Finish issues or Remington 870 Rust you will learn that it is a widespread problem of newer Remington’s. With that said I have a Mossberg 500 20 ga that is probably around 7 years old that I bought used and I love it. For the money it is hard to beat. Will function properly every time and won’t rust apart. I highly recommend the Mossberg for your youngster.Buy an 870 and you’ll be sorry. Buy a Mossburg over Remington. However I would suggest Winchester SXP which can be had for the same price as the 870 and will actually work properly. Browning BPS & Benelli Nova are other excellent choices. Trust me! Do not buy Remington. I don’t particularly care for Mossburg’s because they look like a 2×4 with a barrel attached to it but work far better than 870’s that were made in the last 10-15 years. If you can find one pre 90’s get it other wise stay away. You could get lucky and buy an 870 that works properly or you could get a very expensive boat oar!The weight of the gun will assist in reducing felt recoil. While you don’t want akid hauling aaround a boat anchor, you need something with some heft.I second the idea of getting a good recoil pad. The Mossberg 500 I shot back when I was 8 had virtually no recoil pad. So if you were to put a nice recoil pad on the 510 it would probably be very tolerable ffor your son.

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Winchester, Mossberg, Remington, Savage Arms – we’ve got 20 gauge pump-action shotguns in all these brands more, and at dirt-cheap prices to boot!

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