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The major components of sniper equipment are the precision sniper rifle, various optical scopes and field glasses, specialized ammunition and camouflage materials for the sniper’s body and equipment. A sniper’s spotter typically also wears camouflage. The Ultimate Sniper: An Advanced Training Manual for Military & Police Snipers. Paladin.

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The major components of sniper equipment are the sniper rifle, ammunition and camouflage. Historic military sniper rifles up to and including the Second World War were usually based on the standard service rifle of the country in question. They included the German Mauser Gewehr 98K, U.S. M1903

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Sniper gear or equipment is broken up to three branches: weapons, optics, and communications. Items commonly carried by military, SWAT and police snipers include: #19 Scope. Top end scopes with a good reticle for a sniper rifle can cost thousands.

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BlackHawk Stalker Drag Mat. BlackHawk’s Stalker Drag Mat functions both as a carry bag and a …

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The sniper role has made a resurgence in recent times. Experience in Afghanistan has educated many a military commander on the value of having a sniper team along on an operation. Sniper Equipment. The primary weapon of the British military sniper is the L115A3 Long Range Rifle.

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