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ABOUT KPOP. 4. Promotion Schedule When a band comes out with a new song, a full blown promotion schedule is executed for about a month or two. The cycle goes like radio interviews, music shows, red carpet, award ceremonies, reality show, variety shows and then continue with practice. It’s funny when they get interviews like “Are you dating”

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K-Pop Idols Concerts in Manila Schedule 2018 Emyfer Flores July 07, 2018 Comments As Hallyu Wave becomes widely popular in the Philippines, more and more Korean artists include Manila as part of …

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*The mobile K-pop artist fandom charting service, Kpop Star [K-pop Star for Idols You Adore!] – You can share photos of your favorite K-pop artist, share hearts filled with love, and meet friends with the same favorite artists as you!

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Brace yourselves K-Pop fans, as the upcoming month of November is sure to be filled with more exciting comebacks from some of the most popular and trending K-Pop groups in the scene. The month of November has several A-list K-Pop idol groups who will be making their comebacks.

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Mar 27, 2013 · Best Answer: Well usually it’s quite advertised. The company usually publishes their schedules on their website. But there are also fanclubs that mention on their own website or other communication channels [twitter, facebook, etc] the future schedule or concerts. One other answer might be that korean fans

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Jan 11, 2019 · [Idol Schedule!] *Share the schedule between the same fandom! [Hall of Fame!] *The Group or Person that has received the most hearts each day will be entered into the Hall of Fame! [*What is an Idol?] *An Idol refers to the artist or group you love most.


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By this time, they should be eating dinner (around 7–8pm) and then they have group practice and evaluations. Evaluations usually last for an hour depending on how many people there are. If there is something that needs to be fixed, they’ll use extra time they …

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Packed schedule Besides practising singing, dancing, recording songs, and producing albums, Kpop idols also have to think about marketing and promoting their work, which means MORE work for them in terms of public appearances.

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“South Korean entertainment companies such as S.M. Entertainment have created a process to train singers and dancers in its groups. The journey to stardom often starts around age 9 or 10, when tightly supervised trainees begin dance and voice classes at night and live together while attending school.

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Find Kpop tour schedule, concert details, and tickets available. Find Kpop tour schedule, concert details, and tickets available. #UpcomingKpopConcert; K-Pop Idols Celebrating January Birthdays. 39,715. 85. SCHEDULE. Upcoming K-Pop Comeback & Debut Lineup In January 2019. 60,651. 60.

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“Everything is on schedule and there’s homework. It’s easier to go to school for 30 years. They say learning pop songs is important and language is considered very important.”

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Kpop Idols usually practice hours of the day, working on singing and dancing. I think they practice dancing more. I’m sorry if this isn’t right, my sources may be a little old. , BTS and Yoonmin enthiusiast. That is based on which company you’re in. Mostly, about 9–10 hours a day.

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Apr 11, 2017 · Welcome To ALL THE K-POP NEXT IS KPOP IDOL CHANNEL airs 24/7 THIS WEEK WEDNESDAY!! [Weekly Idol] SUPERJUNIOR [Show Champion] WHO’s NEXT?! EVERY WEEK Wednesday [Weekly Idol] Simulcast / [Show