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52 rows · Ten deadliest natural disasters. Notes: The list does not include several volcanic eruptions with uncertain death tolls resulting from collateral effects (crop failures, etc.), though these may have numbered in the millions; see List of volcanic eruptions by death toll. The list does not include the man-made 1938 Yellow River flood, caused entirely by a deliberate man-made act (an act of war

1. 830,000 1556 Shaanxi earthquake Ming Dynasty (now China)
2. 242,769–655,000 1976 Tangshan earthquake China
3. 273,400 1920 Haiyuan earthquake Ningxia, Republic of China (now China)
4. 250,000–300,000 526 Antioch earthquake Byzantine Empire (now Turkey)

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Japan floods: Death toll rises to 200 as UN offers

Jul 10, 2018 · Landslides and flooding caused by torrential rain in Japan have killed 200 people in what has become one of the deadliest natural disasters to hit the country since the earthquake and tsunami …

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Jul 17, 2013 · Read CNN’s 2011 Japan Earthquake – Tsunami earthquake and learn more about the disaster that struck Japan in March of 2011.

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Dec 25, 2018 · The search for victims continues in Indonesia after a tsunami killed hundreds. More than 100 others are missing. Death toll from Indonesia tsunami continues to rise CBS Evening News

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Indonesia tsunami: Photos show devastation as death toll

The tsunami arrived without warning, caused by a landslide when the Anak Krakatau volcano erupted. Rescuers are trawling through towns and beaches, searching for survivors, while the death toll is

Death Toll in Japan Floods Rises to 200 as U.N. Offers

Death Toll in Japan Floods Rises to 200 as U.N. Offers Assistance. Guterres also said the UN was ready to provide support if Tokyo requested it. The rain started to pour on Thursday and picked up Friday. Over the weekend, parts of Japan received between 300 to 500 millimeters (12 to 20 inches) of rain, with prefectures of Hiroshima, Okayama, and Hyogo inundated with more than 500 millimeters.

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Nuclear regulators said there was no sign of abnormal radiation — a concern after a massive quake and tsunami in March 2011 that hit northeast Japan destroyed both external and backup power to

Indonesia Tsunami Disaster Death Toll Surpasses 400 as

Dec 22, 2018 · Saturday’s tsunami triggered memories for some of the massive magnitude 9.1 earthquake that hit on Dec. 26, 2004.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami death toll over 1500 as

Oct 05, 2018 · Indonesia earthquake and tsunami leave more than 70,000 homeless. The national disaster agency said the confirmed death toll from last Friday’s magnitude 7.5 earthquake increased slightly to 1,571.

Japan earthquake today in Osaka: Death toll climbs after 6

Japan earthquake: Death toll climbs after 6.1 temblor strikes Osaka as the death toll rose to four. Japan’s northern prefectures are still recovering from a magnitude 9.0 quake and tsunami

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The surface energy of the seismic waves from the earthquake was calculated to be at 1.9×1017 joules, which is nearly double that of the 9.1 Mw 2004 Indian Ocean …

Local time: 14:46 JST

BBC News – Japan quake: Loss and recovery in numbers

Japan quake: Loss and recovery in numbers. In Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures whole communities were wiped out by the ferocious power of the tsunami. On top of the current known death toll, a further 3,000 people are still listed as missing. Even among those that survived, many were unable to …

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Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011: Japan earthquake and tsunami, severe natural disaster that occurred in northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011, and killed at least 20,000 people. The event began with a powerful earthquake off the coast of Honshu, Japan’s main island, which initiated a series of large tsunami waves that devastated many coastal areas.

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Casualties and property damage. Miyagi prefecture suffered the greatest losses, with some 10,800 killed or missing and another 4,100 injured. The great majority of those killed overall were drowning victims of the tsunami waves. In addition, more than half of the victims were age 65 years or older.

Death Toll in Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake in Japan Rises to

The death toll in the magnitude 6.7 earthquake that struck Japan on Thursday has risen to 37, the country’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency said.