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Which are better, earphones or headphones?

Headphones: Headphones tend to be slightly better at noise-cancellation than earphones of a similar quality, in my experience. This is partly due to the fact that there’s just more room for electronics in headphones.

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Monster-sized headphones became all the rage back in the 1970s. Portable music players began to emerge in the 1980s, and headphones began to shrink. Then Apple debuted the iPod in 2001, and included a pair of sleek, white earbuds in every package [source: Hormby]. Suddenly, earbuds were all …

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Sep 04, 2017 · Headphones are better than earphones for blocking external noise if you want to. Now, earphones are light-weight, easy to carry and portable which is not the case with headphones. You can wear earphones while walking, running or even at gym but headphones can get all …

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Which type of headphones is best for you? Over-Ear vs On

Which type of headphones is best for you? Over-Ear vs On-Ear vs Earbuds vs In-Ear Headphones come in many different designs but fall into four distinct types: over-ear, on-ear, earbuds, and in-ear.

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WORKOUT HEADPHONES: Earbuds are the perfect climbing, or other TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds for Sports, Running Gym Workout. 2018 Updated Version. IPX7 Water Resistant, Sweatproof, Secure-Fit Headset. Noise Cancelling Earphones w/Mic. by Treblab.

Earbuds vs. Headphones: Which Will Cause Noise-Induced

Earbuds are more likely to cause noise-induced hearing loss than headphones, but the real issue is decibel level and duration.

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Headphones will, in most cases, deliver a richer sound experience than earphones for most people. As is the case with pretty much everything, though, there are exceptions, but before we dig into why, let’s take a minute to define some terms.