compaction test of soil by core cutter method

Dry Density of Soil by Core Cutter Method for Soil Compaction

By using core cutter method, bulk density of soil can be quickly calculated and by determining the moisture content of the soil the dry density of the fill can be calculated and hence the voids percentage. A high percentage of voids indicates poor compaction of soil. A cylindrical core cutter …

Determination of Field Density Test of Soil by Core Cutter

Core Cutter Method of Field Density test is conducted in the field to know whether the specified compaction is achieved or not. In certain cases, it is necessary to determine the density of soil either as it exists naturally in the ground or as it may be compacted in the fill.

Determine The In-Situ Dry Density Of Soil By Core Cutter

This test is done to determine the in-situ dry density of soil by core cutter method as per IS: 2720 (Part XXIX) – 1975.The apparatus needed for this test is. i) Cylindrical core cutter. ii) Steel dolley. iii) Steel rammer. iv) Balance, with an accuracy of 1g. v) Straightedge. vi) Square metal tray – 300mm x 300mm x 40mm. vii) Trowel.

Core Cutter Test – Dry Density Of Soil By Core Cutter Method

2. Take the weight of the empty core cutter (W1). 3. Clean and level the surface of an area (300 mm2) where the test is to be performed. 4. Set the steel dolly on the top of the core cutter and use the steel rammer to push to its full depth. 5. use a crow bar to scoop the soil around the cutter.


In the of field density test, the cutter is pressed into the soil mass so that it is filled with the soil and when The cutter filled with the soil it is lifted up. The mass of the soil in the cutter is determined. (IS-2720-Part-29-Determination of dry density of soil in place by the core-cutter method…


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Core cutters are used for testing the compaction of. cohesive/clay soils placed as fill. The cyy,glindrical cores of standard volume, 13cms long and 10cms diameter., they have a sharpened edge at one end to improve penetration of the soil surface.

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Sep 12, 2016 · Core cutter method is used to determine the field density. A core of 1000cc volume is dug into the field soil and then weighted empty and with soil. Density is calculated by dividing mass by volume. Dry density is calculated by knowing watee content and putting it into formula. Wet …

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IS 2720-29 (1975): Methods of Test for Soils, Part 29

tion of dry density of soil in-place by using a core-cutter. The in-place density of soil is needed for stability analysis, for the determination of the degree of compaction of compacted soil, etc. The core-cutter method covered by this part is suitable for fine-grained soils free from aggregations.

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Core Cutter Method for Soil Dry Density Testing In this methods a cylindrical core cutter of standard dimensions is used to cut the soil in the ground and lift the cutter up with soil sample. The taken out sample is weighed and noted.

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Determination of field density by core cutter method Exposed the small area about 30 for test levelled that surface put the trolley on the top of the core cutter and drived the assembly into the soil with the help of hammer with the top of the dolly about 1 ½ cm above surface. Mass of core cutter wet soil (gm) 2645 gm. 2580 gm

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The core cutter is driven into the soil using the driving hammer. Then the core is dug out, trimmed, weighed, dried and the density and moisture content calculated. Made of steel protected against corrosion. The set includes core cutter, driving dolly and driving rammer. Two versions available: dia. 100x 130 mm high and dia. 150×180 mm core.

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This is used for determination of in situ dry density of natural or compacted fine grained soil, free from aggregates. A cylindrical cutter is used to extract a sample of the soil with the help of a …

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Soil Compaction Tests. 1) The Sand Cone Method One of the most common test to determine the field density of soil is the sand-cone method. But it has a major limitation that this test is not suitable for saturated and soft soils The formula used are Volume of soil, ft 3 (m 3 )=[weight of sand filling hole, lb (kg)] /[ Density of sand,