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Best Assault Rifle to Have In A Survival Situation: Overview

The AR-15 – Versatility and Speed

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Aug 22, 2018 · “AR” actually stands for “Armalite”. The AR-15 is the civilian semi-automatic version of the select fire M4. 1 press = 1 PEW! Colt owns the rights to “AR15” and “AR-15,” so most other manufacturers have slightly different names, but the general …


10 Best Survival Rifles To Protect and Defend Your Family

Here are some other best survival rifles to consider: 7 – Remington 597, Marlin Model 60 (in .22LR) 8 – Winchester Model 70, Savage XP Trophy Hunter (in .30-06, .308 Win, .300) 9 – Sig Sauer M400 SRP (in 5.56mm), Ruger Mini-30 (in 7.62X39mm) 10 – Winchester SXP Defender Shotgun (in 12 Gauge)

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The M16 is the best rifle, no doubt. The AK47 is nowhere near the top spot and I can prove it. The M16 is lighter than the AK47, so you can carry more ammunition. The M16 has a higher rate of fire (950 rpm) than the AK47(600 rpm), so you can get more lead down range and you have a …

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AK-47: When it comes to the number one assault rifle, AK-47 takes over all other rifles in one …


Aug 30, 2001 · An assault rifle is a select-fire weapon capable of full auto,or three round bursts. It isn’t available to most civilians. ZM makes fine weapons, but it won’t do anything my Bushy won’t do.(In civilian form.) For close-up work, the best choice is a 12 ga.

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Consequently, there’s a growing movement in different states (mainly New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Illinois) to remove the .50 BMG rifle from the civilian market altogether. California banned it in 2004.

Top Five Rifles to Buy Before an Assault Weapons Ban

FN Herstal SCAR 17s This rifle is the most expensive and largest caliber on the list. It comes at a high cost for a reason, however; you are paying for one the best and most impressive large frame semi-automatic AR style rifles currently on the civilian market.

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Both Armalite and Colt still produce semi-automatic versions of the AR for civilian purchase, but other popular manufacturers include DPMS, Smith & Wesson, Remington, and Bushmaster. One of the best start-up AR-15s for survival purposes is the DPMS Sportical, which will only set you back about $700.